Streamline Shift Work with the StaffAny Time Attendance System

Say goodbye to miscommunication between HR and operations with StaffAny. Our time and attendance system offers more than just data, it streamlines the process by providing real-time, organized operational information directly to HR.

Time Attendance System App

Accurate and Streamlined Time Tracking

Advanced Cloud Technology

Effortlessly track time and attendance with StaffAny, leveraging the latest cloud technology through employees’ mobile devices. Say farewell to expensive hardware maintenance.

Safe and Flexible Options

Select the optimal time and attendance tracking method for your needs. Geofencing and QR codes are recommended for physical stores, while GPS is ideal for field teams working in non-fixed locations.


Cut Costs and Eliminate Time Fraud

Keep Within Budgeted Hours and Expenses

With StaffAny, only actual working hours are recorded, thanks to smart matching and the prevention of unauthorized clock-ins and auto-clock outs. Avoid staff clocking in early or clocking out late to receive overtime pay. Reduce labor costs and streamline HR processing.

Clock-In at Multiple Sites

Monitor Time across Different Locations

Clock in at various locations with properly categorized work hours, making transitions between sites effortless. Consolidating worked hours for employees who work at multiple outlets or remote workers can be a challenge. Let StaffAny manage clock-ins and attendance for you.

StaffAny Audit Trail on Time Attendance System

Centralize Attendance Data

Streamline Time-Intensive Timesheets

StaffAny’s time and attendance systems integrate with our data tracking software. Get real-time employee attendance reports and manage schedules in one app. Say goodbye to complicated timesheets.

Time Attendance System, Onsite Timeclock

We use StaffAny because it gives us a better overview of what’s going on, in real time! This allows us to better plan and adjust multibranch operations seamlessly.

Time Attendance System, Onsite Timeclock

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Time Attendance System App

Track Changes Over Time

Ensure HR Accuracy for a Better Attendance Solution

Stay informed with a clear record of all changes made with our detailed audit trail, providing complete transparency into past schedule modifications. Ensure HR accuracy and better attendance management.

StaffAny - Made Specially for Shift Work Teams

Frequently Asked Questions

StaffAny’s time and attendance management system uses the latest cloud technology and multiple secure methods to track employee work hours. It also features unauthorized clock-in prevention, automatic clock-out, leave application, multiple outlet tracking, audit trails, real-time exportable reports, and smart timesheets. You can use StaffAny’s time and attendance system to improve your business’s time management practices and seamlessly link HR and Operations while adapting to your evolving business needs. Talk to our product specialists to find the right time and attendance mobile app for your business.

StaffAny offers a web-based time clock that allows you to control employees clock, and supports different devices. This system ensures an accurate record of employee attendance for seamless payroll calculation. With StaffAny’s online time and attendance management system, you can easily track employee hours and attendance, and improve your business’s overall time management practices.

StaffAny’s time and attendance system offers an easy and precise way for employees to clock in and out. The information is automatically generated into timesheet reports that you can export to your payroll system. The system provides automated features to help you manage your business efficiently, including smart tools to control costs and transparency of timesheets. With StaffAny’s time and attendance system, you can save up to three days on timesheet consolidation, automate rounding, prevent early clock-ins, and eliminate payslip discrepancies. Whether you own a restaurant, an enterprise-level chain, or manage multiple retail outlets, our attendance management system can be customized to meet your needs.

When searching for a time and attendance system, it’s crucial to consider the accuracy of clock-in and clock-out time records. An effective system should prevent time theft and ensure staff clock in when they physically arrive at work. The software should also provide accurate data and simplify timesheet calculations to make payroll processing easier. A quality employee time and attendance management system eliminates the need to review CCTV records and manually transfer timesheets, which improves trust within the team. If you’re looking for the best online clock-in system and attendance management software for your business, consult with our product specialists today.

StaffAny’s time and attendance software seamlessly integrates HR and Operations, saving you time and labor costs. The software helps prevent common issues such as buddy punching, time theft, and bookkeeping errors. It also simplifies report and timesheet consolidation, reduces overtime and labor costs, and fosters team accountability and transparency. The system logs any changes made in an audit trail, enabling you to view the history of edits easily. With StaffAny, you can focus on growing your business while our time and attendance tool manages your staff’s attendance.

Our online employee time and attendance software streamlines payroll for your HR department by providing accurate timesheets and notifications of any errors. You can compare scheduled hours to actual hours worked and rectify unmatched timesheets quickly thanks to the system’s transparency. Our time and attendance management tool is adaptable to changes, eliminating the need to manually compare timesheets and planned schedules.