Utilizing schedule templates for the better employee management

Revamp your business with StaffAny's shift management software. Say goodbye to outdated tools and manage employee rosters with ease using our Employee Scheduling System. This will save you time and money, while also allowing you to schedule on-the-go with greater cost control and speed. Utilize schedule templates for improved employee management.

Employee Scheduling System Singapore, Scheduling

Avoid Scheduling Conflicts

Real Time Availabilities​

Plan your team roster efficiently with our user-friendly interface and accurate leave and availability information. Your employees can also prioritize scheduling based on real-time availability using our first-come, first-served system.

Schedule with One Click

Speed and accuracy are key. Assign staff to shift rosters quickly and easily with just one click on the schedule shifts. Staff scheduling has never been so effortless.

Employee Scheduling System Singapore, Scheduling
Employee Scheduling System Singapore, Scheduling

For Managers Who Want Control Labor Costs

Improve Visibility of Labor Costs During Scheduling

Stay informed of weekly labor costs automatically with our budgeting feature, based on your schedule. Optimize and achieve your manpower budget goal with better control of labor costs. Reduce operating expenses and increase profits.

Effortlessly Comply with Labor Laws

Easily maintain compliance with labor laws by managing overtime and hours. Monitor actual schedule employees’ hours across multiple locations and time periods with enhanced visibility.

Support for One Outlet or 100

Avoid Scheduling Mistakes

View staff schedules across multiple outlets in a single view. Effortlessly manage employees across different locations with StaffAny, which highlights conflicting shifts. Eliminate errors and overlap in scheduling with our help.

Employee Scheduling System Singapore, Scheduling
Employee Scheduling System Singapore, Scheduling

Stay Informed and Connected

Real-Time Schedule Updates

Stay informed about schedule changes easily with our assistance. Your team will always have the latest schedule information, and StaffAny will automatically update it, highlighting any conflicts.

Employee Scheduling System Singapore, Scheduling

The app makes the planning of my weekly schedule so much more convenient and faster. Informing my staff about their schedule is also just done by a click of a button!

Employee Scheduling System Singapore, Scheduling

Jasmine, Owner
The Royals Bistro

Employee Scheduling System Singapore, Scheduling

Create, Share, and Adapt Schedules from Anywhere

With the StaffAny app, you can quickly build schedules, share them instantly with your team, and handle last-minute changes while on-the-go. Download this free employee scheduling software from StaffAny to your devices now!

Say bye to manual scheduling, forever!

Frequently Asked Questions

Staff scheduling software like StaffAny automates employee scheduling, providing an intuitive interface for better cost control and efficiency. This flexible scheduling app ensures great service delivery, customer satisfaction, and seamless HR and operations efficiency with key features like online scheduling, employee availability, automated reminders, and performance tracking. Whether a small restaurant or an enterprise-level chain, StaffAny is the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes. Its features include breaks and overtime scheduling, leave applications, and multiple outlet scheduling.

Various terms like roster management system, scheduling mobile app, and employee scheduling system refer to tools that automate schedule planning requirements. Although the terminology may differ, their purpose remains the same. If you’re searching for the ideal scheduling system, speak with our product specialists to explore the right online scheduling system that suits your business.

Using an employee shift schedules app can save time and improve efficiency while planning employee schedules with better cost control. StaffAny’s online rostering system enables quick scheduling with an instant view of employee availability, highlights clashing shifts across multiple outlets, and visualizes labor costs. Its budgeting feature updates weekly labor costs based on your schedule. Additionally, the scheduling software reduces errors, communicates scheduling changes, and provides a better view of labor costs. To find the best shift work scheduling app, speak with StaffAny’s product specialists.

When choosing an employee scheduling software for your business, it’s essential to consider factors such as automation, customization, and ease of use. Automation saves time by streamlining tasks such as capturing availability and assigning shifts. Customizable scheduling software ensures that all aspects of the staff schedule planner accommodates your business’s unique requirements. Ease of use is crucial to ensure that both employees and managers can easily learn and adopt the software. StaffAny provides an all-in-one staff scheduling software that is intuitive, functional, and extensively featured. Book a session with one of our product specialists to find out how our scheduling software can benefit your business.

Save time and labour costs with StaffAny’s automated staff rostering system, which allows you to conveniently create your staff schedule in minutes and keep track of labour costs. You can build your schedule on your mobile device or desktop and ensure your budget targets are on track. Find the best employee scheduling app for your business by speaking to our product specialists today.

The cost of employee scheduling software can vary depending on the specific needs of your business. To find the best online rostering system for your business, contact our product specialists today for guidance.