Streamline Leave Processes, Minimize Errors

The StaffAny Leave Management System is tailored to meet your organization's needs and reporting hierarchy. With real-time updates on staff leave, you'll have a clear view of available team members for scheduling purposes. Experience seamless leave management with StaffAny's HR solution!

StaffAny Leave Management & Application

Make Life Easier with Accrual Automation

Eliminate Manual Counting with Accrual Automation

With StaffAny’s HR software, leave balances are automatically added as employees complete months of their annual leave quota. Yearly entitlements and carry-overs are also calculated seamlessly, streamlining the process for you.

Stay Compliant with Labor Laws

Stay in line with the recommendations from the Malaysian Ministry of Human Resources regarding leaves, including probation, proration, entitlements, carry-over, and more. Public holidays are already included in the calculation.

StaffAny Accrual
Leave Management, Leave Application

Comprehensive Leave Report

One-Stop View of Entitlements & Balances

Stay on top of your team’s leave information with our leave management system’s Leave Report, featuring total leave entitlements, dispatched leaves, taken leaves, and leave balances in one place. Get better visibility, clarity, and eliminate manual leave calculations.

Customizable Leave Approval

Flexible Approval Process

Ensure smooth leave approval with StaffAny’s 2-tier leave approval that accommodates your team’s reporting structure. HR and staff have access to the latest approval status, leading to improved communication and increased employee engagement.

StaffAny Leave 2 tier approval
StaffAny accept reject leave

Approve or Decline with Ease

Approve or Decline with Ease

Staff can request leaves, and approvals are as simple as approve or decline. All leave information is consolidated in one place, so you can easily track leave balances, approve or decline requests, and recalculate overtime hours. Our platform also integrates with payroll processing and gives the HR department complete control over leave and time tracking data.

Empower Staff to Manage Leave

Self-Service Leave Request

Allow employees to manage their own leave availabilities with the StaffAny app. They can easily apply for leaves and attach necessary documents, reducing the workload of HR and streamlining the approval process. This employee self-service feature empowers staff and makes leave management a breeze.

Enjoy Peace of Mind with Cloud-Based Storage

With StaffAny, you can be confident that all records and evidence, such as medical certificates, are securely stored in the cloud. Our system lets you know all important information is stored safely, providing peace of mind.

StaffAny upload leave on app
Leave Management, Leave Application

After implementing StaffAny, our Staff performance improved. The shift reminders have reduced our staff lateness by about 50%!

Leave Management, Leave Application

Allan, Manager
Jibiru Bar

Leave Management, Leave Application

Manage leave applications remotely, without missing out on anything!

With the StaffAny app you can keep track of staff’s leave entitlement and balance and approve/decline any leave requests – all on the go.

StaffAny - Made Specially for Shift Work Teams

Frequently Asked Questions

A leave management system is a digital platform that streamlines the process of applying and approving employee time off requests. By eliminating paper forms and automating approval workflows, it simplifies the process for both employees and HR teams.

StaffAny’s all-in-one leave management software provides a user-friendly platform that allows employees to easily request time off with just one touch. This easy setup application simplifies the process for HR teams, improving overall efficiency.

StaffAny’s leave management software includes features such as time and scheduling management systems, timesheet data for managing staff across multiple branches, and more.

This system is designed to be used by all employees within a company, as well as HR and upper management.