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Cut Your Business's Labour Costs
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Are you looking to reduce labour costs and increase productivity in your business? Look no further than StaffAny. We understand that inefficient time-tracking and low productivity can lead to high labour costs, and we’re here to help. By implementing StaffAny, you can potentially save on labour costs in three key areas: Firstly, by reducing time theft from part-time employees who may clock in extra minutes falsely to receive higher pay. Secondly, by reducing overtime hours for full-time employees. And lastly, by saving time on monthly timesheet consolidation, which can equate to significant salary savings. Trust StaffAny to help you optimise your business’s productivity and reduce labour costs.

*Calculations done using a lenient estimate of average savings enjoyed across our customers: 3% labour cost savings for part-timers, 10% savings across OT for full-timers and at least a 60% reduction in man hours spent on timesheet consolidation. 

StaffAny - Made Specially for Shift Work Teams