Find Your Next Hire Quickly and Easily

Our applicant tracking system makes it easy for you to manage job applications and find the right candidate in a timely manner. Plus, it's completely free with StaffAny! Say goodbye to the hassle and hello to a streamlined hiring process.

, Applicant Tracking System

Quickly Share Job Openings with QR Code & URL

Easily reach job seekers on various platforms using StaffAny’s auto-generated QR code and URL. Utilize multiple job boards to find the best fit for your business.

, Applicant Tracking System
, Applicant Tracking System

Streamline Your Hiring Process with StaffAny

Effortlessly review candidates and track job applications with our all-in-one best applicant tracking system. All qualified candidates will be sorted automatically based on their performance management the candidate engagement. Start using StaffAny for free and streamline your hiring process today!

Customize Your Job Application Form

Get the right information from job seekers by customizing your application form with screening questions. Enhance job postings by including job descriptions, allowing potential candidates to understand the requirements of the position. Improve your hiring process with StaffAny.

, Applicant Tracking System

Hiring the right team will positively transform your organisation!

Frequently Asked Questions

An applicant tracking system is a type of software that can help businesses streamline their hiring process by allowing them to manage and view applicant information, track job applications, and update application status.

To use StaffAny’s applicant tracking system, businesses can create a job application form with job descriptions and customized screening questions. Once the form is created, a QR code and URL will be automatically generated. These can be placed on various platforms to receive job applications, which will be consolidated in one place for easy viewing and tracking.

Using an applicant tracking system can help businesses consolidate job applications across multiple platforms and quickly filter out qualified candidates.

StaffAny’s job application form can be customized to include screening questions specific to each job opening, helping businesses find the right candidate more efficiently.

StaffAny’s applicant tracking system is designed for use by HR professionals, HR managers, hiring managers, and business owners who are looking to hire employees for their salaried or hourly workforce. Additionally, recruitment agencies can also be granted access to the system if required.