How Kiosks Collectives Enjoys An Estimated Monthly Cost Saving of $2000 (or $24000 annually) with StaffAny 

Kiosks Collective is a Singapore-grown food and beverage kiosk operator that was founded in 2012. The group has rolled out various innovative concepts for kiosks to date, including Pezzo, Crave, Hey Yogurt, and Ya Lor Braised Duck with more than 65 outlets islandwide to date.

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Kiosks Collective, Customer Case Study – Kiosks Collective

The Challenge

Kiosks Collective had been tracking time manually for their 500 staff (full timers and part timers) – using pen and paper and punch cards. Supervisors would submit timesheets (or send photos via WhatsApp) to the HR team for consolidation every month. This was a huge headache and cumbersome for the HR team, led by Nini. 

Besides being highly manual and inconvenient, manual timesheets also bred time theft. Nini recalled an incident where a staff entered the kiosk only at 11am, but had written down 10am on the timesheet. She counted her costs diligently – 10% of employees clocking in 1 hour early every month, makes for a monthly loss of $350 – or an annual loss of $4200!

Not only this, the team was also staying up 6-7 nights every month end just to consolidate timesheets. Doing timesheets manually also meant projection work for payroll which was extra work for HR the following month. 

That’s when Nini decided: Kiosks Collective needed to revamp their timesheets process.

The Solution

In 2020, Kiosks Collective was expanding rapidly and wanted to ensure manpower costs were minimized as soon as possible. Besides a robust system to achieve that, quick and easy implementation was also of top priority.

After evaluating 10 different vendors, StaffAny came up on top due to it’s cost-effectiveness and ease of implementation to roll out to all 60 outlets. All was done in 2 months. 

“With StaffAny, you get a very responsive team!”

Life after StaffAny

“You can really see the effect of StaffAny”, shared Nini. Gone are the days (or rather, nights) spent on month-end timesheets. Now,  processing time has cut short to 3 man days including checking of payroll.

“To us, the cost savings are totally worth our investment in StaffAny. For 7 man-days of 2 executives time spent, we save close to half an exec’s monthly pay! We also save on taxi reimbursements of about $150 monthly since we no longer stay late. These are just monthly figures – if you calculate the annual savings, you’ll see why it’s a no brainer.”

Staff punctuality has increased significantly and there are no longer any pay discrepancy issues with staff.

“Imagine how painful it was for us before StaffAny – I had to check and total up each person’s hours, then verify every single record before uploading it onto Excel. Now everything is digital and live-sync so I can do amendments any time I want, unlike before”

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Kiosks Collective, Customer Case Study – Kiosks Collective

Favourite Part of StaffAny

“Definitely the time savings and cost savings for the business! 7 man-days per month saved, means more capacity for us. 

It is why our team of 3 can do so much: onboarding, recruiting, incentives and even staff welfare on Christmas and Mother’s Day.

Though StaffAny was HR’s choice, Operations is also happy as scheduled hours are automatically counted, and there’s no need to track manually anymore”

StaffAny has helped reduce our labour costs to a very satisfactory level, and we are able to do so much more as a team.

*Calculation Breakdown of est. 2000 monthly savings

  1. $1500: from 7 man-day hours spent on timesheet consolidation by 2 HR executives, based on an average HR exec pay of $3000 (Source: Link International Singapore)
  2. $350: based on 50 employees clocking in 1 hour extra 1 day each month 
  3. $150: based on 5 trip taxi claims for 2 employees during payroll period

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