Belly & The Chef is a Malaysia-born F&B company. Originated from a small takeaway shop, Belly & The Chef has now expanded to six outlets serving a variety of dishes, ranging from Western fine dining restaurants to cafes. The restaurant specialises in unique and interesting recipes, fusing Western and Eastern taste to form remarkable never-seen-before food.

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The Challenge

Collecting punch cards and calculating working hours manually for six outlets started to become increasingly difficult for Belly & The Chef’s Human Resource Manager. It would take almost two days just to collect all the punch cards from their employees. 

Not only that, attendance tracking in real time was almost impossible, and updates would only be provided after receiving the punch cards. The company relied on Excel to calculate leave and MCs for her staff, which was inefficient and frustrating to deal with. 

All of these were too time consuming, and the HR leadership was looking for an alternative solution. 

The Solution

With StaffAny’s Scheduling function, the company is able to plan and key in the schedule for each staff without any hassle. Time and effort can be spent on the restaurant’s operations instead of the collection of punch cards. 

“When I wake up in the morning, I can immediately find out who went to work, who didn’t show up, and who took MC. It’s very useful for me.”

Real-time updates allow the managers to keep track of the clock in and clock out activity, and time attendance for every store more effectively. Through StaffAny, HR can now manage six outlets in just one platform, cutting down on time spent on punch card and attendance nightmares.

Foreword, Customer Case Study – Belly & The Chef
Foreword, Customer Case Study – Belly & The Chef

Favourite Part of StaffAny

StaffAny’s announcement feature allows the managers to disseminate information to every outlet without having to pay a visit. With this, their staff can also get immediate updates, increasing efficiency and cutting down time wasted.

StaffAny allows our staff to receive announcements and information in real time, reducing the need for us to visit every store personally.

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