HR Management Softwares, Privilege or Necessity

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Whether you are running an international restaurant franchise consisting of hundreds or thousands of employees, or a simple local cafe with 10 staff on duty, managing employee schedules is always important. While no software is able to truly replace a proper team of HR professionals, it does help with making their lives easier. 

Now, today we are here to share with you about HR management softwares and how they impact the daily operations of companies. In that case, you get to decide whether these softwares are a privilege or necessity for your business. 

Technology is designed to make the complicated, well less-complicated. Take this for example. In the past, you had to manually write your attendance on a timecard and get it verified by HR or a supervisor. As clock-in machines are invented, you merely have to insert the card for it to be “punched” or recorded. However, both methods still require manual calculations of working hours, which can be a real challenge if you are managing bigger teams. 

Now, modern clock-in systems merely require that you check in either via biometric scan or an access card. When you clock-out, the system automatically calculates your work hours which is then consolidated for the HR department. This by itself, is already a good enough reason for most companies to hop on. 

A modern HR management system is more than just an attendance system. In fact, StaffAny has been designed to be way more than that. If you are running a shift-based business, our scheduling function will definitely wow you. StaffAny provides you with a connected workforce, so that you know who is on leave, and which of your part timers are available before planning for your A-team roster schedule in a familiar interface. Employees can also utilize our priority scheduling on a first come first serve basis based on real time availability. 

For managers, you can now easily visualize staff’s roster schedule across multiple outlets in one view. Manage employees across different outlets easily as StaffAny highlights clashing shifts for you. We help you to avoid errors and overlaps in staff scheduling. 

Now let’s go back to the question of whether a software like StaffAny is a privilege or a necessity for businesses. Well, anything can be done manually or by hand, it is just a matter of is it worth your time and effort. 

If you are looking for a method to improve your operational efficiency, reduce processing time, make scheduling easier, then definitely having HR software is a necessity. A software helps free up time and resources for you to focus on bringing your business to the next level. 

Let’s talk about how our software can help your business.

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