The User Research Lead

StaffAny’s mission is to shape and empower the future of work. As the User Research Lead, you will help uncover business-driven insights that help guide product strategy and decisions, improving the user experience and driving business outcomes like customer acquisition and retention. You will be working across our Design, Product, Data and Marketing functions to gather these insights, synthesising them into design findings. You will also be the voice of the customer, collecting, analysing feedback across different data sources.

This role is uniquely different from other User Research Roles as there is a huge emphasis on synthesising and processing collection of information from our sales and customer success team, on top of the direct primary research responsibilities. You will still be involved in the entire product development process, with a focus on problem discovery and potential conceptual solutioning.

Additionally, as an early member of our growing team, you’ll have the opportunity to shape our research principles, process, and tools. You’ll work closely with our Chief Product Officer to define the questions that guide our UX research program. This role is also perfect for someone that wants to transit into a Product Design or Product Management role in the future.

If you are someone who believes in product led growth and is able to continually drive business value to people around you, apply to join our rocketship.

You Are

  • Your lifelong mission has been to understand people, their behaviors, attitudes, and motivators
  • You actively seek out answers to questions that are verging on impossible to answer
  • When something needs to get done, you are the first to roll up your sleeves
  • You make the connections across information no one else sees
  • You are quick-witted, straight-forward, and succinct
  • You are equal parts creative and analytical
  • Able to run basic statistical analysis and make data backed decisions
  • You are fully aware of and open about when and how you fail and when and how you succeed
  • You love digging into different sources of information
  • You are able to parse, synthesize and weigh the value of different feedback and data sources

You Will Find Yourself

  • Working closely with Product Designers, Product Managers and the BD team to plan and lead a portfolio of proactive, reactive, strategic, and tactical research
  • Demonstrating problem solving skills and the ability to quickly develop recommendations based on quantitative and qualitative evidence
  • Designing and conducting generative, descriptive and evaluative user research using qualitative (field observations, remote and in-person usability studies and interviews) and quantitative methods (surveys)
  • Triangulating, Synthesising and analysing data from various sources to form a collective recommendation
  • Building and managing an effective knowledge base 
  • Presenting learnings in an insightful and empathetic manner. Design output and learnings in formats that drive the most impact with stakeholder

How the department’s success is being measured

  • Improvement in UX, as measured by an uplift in UX Metrics like UMUX, HEART
  • Quality and timeliness of research insights, as measured by frequency and scoring of team member research citations

The Offer

  • As a User Research lead, you’ll have the opportunity to lead processes in the space of research and design.
  • You’ll have the opportunity to cross collaborate with multiple departments and learn how customer centric tech products are being built
  • You will have the ear of everyone at the company, including up to the C-level
  • Growth opportunities within 12 months window as we are expecting to double our team in the next 12 months
  • Growth opportunities to move deeper into research, or into product management and product design
  • Be part of a fast-paced growth environment where you learn how to be comfortable-uncomfortable.