The Software Engineering Intern

The StaffAny Software Engineering Internship is designed to coach and bring interns into the world of production software engineering. After a gradual ramp-up over 6-8 weeks, we’ll ease you into feature engineering as a feature lead. You’ll start off as co-feature leads with other engineers, and eventually get to take on your own features and projects. You’ll get to lead and take on large, expansive projects with ongoing requirements and changes. You’ll develop your technical knowledge across the stack as you take on challenging projects that span multiple platforms. When you leave, you’ll have a deep understanding of what a small and agile team of engineers is capable of and how to deliver maximum value for customers and the business.


The main hard requirement is experience in programming. Production experience is a plus, but not required. You should have a thirst for learning and have an appreciation for business and product requirements. 

  • You should know how to code!
  • Attitude for learning
  • Appreciate business and product requirements
  • Experience with our stack is a big plus
    • Typescript, React, React Native, NodeJS, HapiJS, Postgres

Roles and Responsibilities

Your main role will be as a software engineer, bringing a feature from conception through to delivery

Be the “Technical consultant” for the feature

  • Collaborate with the designer on the feature
  • Explain technical constraints, explore edge cases
  • Suggest improvements and workarounds

Be the “Software architect” for the feature

  • Design the technical implementation of the feature
  • Plan for how your feature will modify existing systems, or interface with other existing systems
  • Plan for possible future extensions to your feature

Be the “Project manager” for the feature

  • Delegate to other engineers and manage their progress on your feature
  • Report upwards if your feature is delayed, and give daily status updates as needed

Be the “QA/Release engineer” for the feature

  • Coordinate Design and Feature QA with design and product
  • Address and fix bugs as they arise
  • If necessary, devise a test/regression plan that includes all the behaviors and test cases expecte
  • If necessary, devise a deployment plan that may involve e.g. feature flagging, scripts that need to be run

You’ll also be expected to perform other duties, as and when necessary

  • Help other engineers with their features, whether by building or testing them
  • Participate in manual regression testing with the rest of the engineering team
  • Contribute to and write documentation for the team

Stuff we're looking for, culture wise

  • Take Ownership. Your success is the success of your work, you’re accountable for devising and executing the winning plan.
  • Be Open. You bring your full and genuine self to work, and are honest and direct while caring personally for the people around you.
  • Growth Mindset. We are lifelong learners. We constantly look for ways to improve our products and ourselves, never settling for “good enough”.

The Offer

  • The opportunity to help shape the voice of our product, and write a chapter in the StaffAny story.
  • Be part of a fast-paced growth environment that pushes you to be the best version of yourself.
  • Work together with a passionate and driven do-ers in a young and vibrant environment.