The Software Engineer

StaffAny is on a mission to digitise and automate the experience of managing hourly workers through a data-driven approach. We are passionate in driving innovation and designing a product that we love and are all proud of! By bringing everyone together on a common integrated platform, we free up every individual, be it whether manager or employee to do what matters.

We are looking for

A software engineer based in Indonesia with 3 to 5 years of experience to join and grow together with our company. The ideal candidate has a consistent drive for learning and self-improvement, and would be able to communicate clearly, design and build scalable solutions independently. As such, you must have experience in shipping production code and working in a software engineering team. Given the current pandemic, this opportunity is for a remote position.

  • Passionate about learning and growth
  • Appreciate business and product requirements
  • Excellent communicator
  • Strong focus on javascript related technologies, like Typescript, React, React Native, Redux, NodeJS, HapiJS
  • Experience in SQL databases like Postgres
  • Experience in Git version control
  • Experience in AWS and Firebase infrastructure
  • Experience in working in a sprint-based delivery structure

Roles & Responsibility

Your main role will be as a software engineer, bringing features and other technical systems from conception through to delivery

  • Collaborate with the designers and product managers on features
  • Explain technical constraints, explore edge cases
  • Design the technical implementations and implement them, while considering existing systems and future extensions
  • Collaborate and work with other engineers
  • Coordinate Design and Feature QA with design and product teams
  • Triage and fix bugs as they arise
  • Increase test coverage of the system
  • Devise a test/regression plan that includes all the behaviuors and test cases expected
  • If necessary, devise a deployment plan that may involve e.g. feature flagging, scripts that need to be run
  • Participate in manual regression testing with the rest of the engineering team
  • Contribute to and write documentation for the team

You Will Find Yourself

  • Involved in architecting, overseeing and leading new projects or products in new markets
  • Designing technical solutions and implementing new features across our technology stack
  • Working in an environment that values open transparency and discussion. We encourage everyone from different departments to contribute and give constructive feedback
  • As part of an agile team, expect to work closely with designers, product managers and other engineers to ship features
  • Be part of a fast-paced digital environment, get to know more about world of start-ups